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Kaeson Farms bred horses are all by TUXEDO AFFAIR and were carefully bred for disposition and soundness. They have been pasture raised and handled daily since birth. They all load and haul like pros plus stand quietly to be groomed or tacked, as well as for the farrier, etc. They have their dad's kind, willing disposition and are always eager to learn and please.

Their TB moms have infused them with an extra dose of athleticism and versatility. Kaeson Farms' horses are excelling in dressage, eventing, sporthorse versatility, and trail riding with the minds and conformation to do it all. Look into their big, soft eyes and they will win you over.


"GEN" is absolutely lovely not only in her looks but also her disposition. She has wonderful ground manners and is a smart, athletic, and willing partner. Gen has 3 beautiful, correct gaits and would excel at most disciplines with great dressage and eventing potential. Her dam was the exceptional TB mare "THUNDER STEALER", called "JEALOUSY" on the Central Texas H/J "A" Circuit winning several championships - high point champion in green hunter in her first year on the circuit and later as champion of the amateur-owner hunter class jumping 3'6" fences. With Gen's great genetic combination she should be a natural for dressage and jumping. She is fabulous on the ground....ties, loads, excellent for the farrier, bathes, clips, etc.

Gen is a pleasure to work with. Her compact size, lightness and responsiveness make her easy and fun to ride. Add this to her sweet, willing mind and it's truly a delight to work with her. Her dressage foundation is in place and she is ready to be carried forward up the levels. Jumping has come very easy for her and she is calmly and cooly doing baby courses. Gen has been in pasture with other horses her whole life and has grown up strong, sound and sane. She's a bit behind where she should be at her current age, but this is such a "plus" in that she has been brought along slowly and correctly when her mind was ready to take on the work. This work has included lots of dressage basics and exercises, jumping in the ring and field, as well as many trail rides to McKinney Roughs and Pine Hill. She has been hauled weekly to dressage lessons to work with Bobbie Paulk as well as hauled to AEC and other local stables for various clinics and lessons.

Gen's first dressage show will be in April and her first HT is planned for May.

Price: $10,000 (02/2016)

GEN at 6 months of age

Gen at 4 years old

Gen participating with 12 year old young lady:

Patiently waiting

Trot work

Lunging on 10m circle over cavaletti (transitions, bending, body awareness)

Early trot work focusing on rhythm as well as bending and changing directions.

Starting over small jumps in pasture, fall 2015

First jumping lesson