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Why are Shires the "Draft of Choice" for crossing?

  • Shires are the largest, most elegant and athletic of the draft breeds. They were bred as a riding horse to carry armored knights, and are therefore light-footed and move from the shoulder. They are excellent for riding or driving - a pleasure to work with and pass their agility, grace, docile attitude and trainability to their offspring.

  • The goal at Kaeson Farms is to breed horses with good bone, solid feet, the athletic abilities of the thoroughbred and the sweet, gentle disposition of the Shire horse.

  • Shire crosses are eligible to be registered with the American Warmblood Society as well as several other registries.
  • Anglo-Shire Warmbloods, also known as Thoro-Shires, are the original Irish Hunter that accidentally evolved when English Shires were pastured with race horses.

  • Anglo-Shire Warmbloods resemble a large, beautiful Thoroughbred with excellent bone for soundness, power behind to jump well, plus a calm, willing disposition.

  • Anglo-Shire Warmbloods have won Olympic gold medals & Horse of the Year awards in England for five consecutive years!

Safe facilities
for mares and foals.

Serene, lush pastures.

Guest quarters are available
at Kaeson Farms.

PH: 512-308-5665
Kae Nelson, owner

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Foals are imprinted at birth and then handled daily and taught at an early age the basics of becoming a good horse partner. Colts learn patience tied to the "thinking tree".

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Between the ages of 2 and 3 years Kaeson bred horses are evaluated as to their conformation, movement, athleticism, and disposition. Those that are determined to be suitable representatives of the Kaeson breeding program receive the Kaeson brand.
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